About Growing Ruabon

Growing Ruabon is a not for profit organisation of volunteers from the area helping the community to grow together.

We are a mixed group of people concerned with developing social inclusion, food security, and business initiatives in Ruabon.

Through these concerns, we aim to make our community more resilient, in order to cope with the destabilising threats of peak oil, climate change, and global financial instability.

Projects currently include:
Growing our own food at home and/or in community-managed spaces.
Developing public amenities using permaculture* design principles.
Growing free food in public places for aesthetic and educational purposes.
Making our local environment more pleasant, edible and fun.
Supporting and promoting food sourced from gardens, allotments, smallholdings and farms.
Championing and showcasing people’s skills and abilities.
Making a map of local goods and services to stimulate our own local economy.
Networking regularly to identify and link needs to goods and skills.
Working with schools so that children learn about growing, cooking, nutrition, and owning their own projects

Please make contact and join us.

*Permaculture is a design system based on ethics and design principles which can be used to establish, design, manage and improve holistic management of individuals, businesses, communities and social-ecological systems.

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