Apple Pressing on Sept 27th at Ruabon Rec 12.30 till 4.00

Its that time of year when the apples that have been ripening in the autumn sunshine start to fall – but what to do with them all? Apple pies and tarts are obvious choices but how about turning the surplus into delicious apple juice and perhaps some of that into cider?
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Start saving your washed out plastic milk bottles and bring them along with your apples, picked and windfalls to Ruabon Food Fest on the 27th September and turn them into juice. Growing Ruabon volunteers will be there with all the equipment need to help you prepare, press and bottle them for you to take home.
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Fresh apple juice can be kept in the fridge for several days until drunk or it can be frozen (in plastic bottles) and kept for much longer. Natural yeasts will ferment the juice unless it is pasteurised and so it can be dangerous to store fresh juice in glass bottles as the fermentation process can create enough pressure for the bottle to explode.
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Apple pressing is great fun for everyone so come along and have a go. Don’t worry if you have not got any apples we have lots to share! You may be inspired to grow your own fruit tree at home? There is room for an apple tree in every garden.

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